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Every Conversation Counts: Optimal Patient Health 365 Days a Year

Presenter: Cathy Stewart, RDH, BS

Dental Professionals have always known how critical oral health is to overall health. Finally, dentistry is moving towards optimal care! Your dental hygiene diagnosis and treatment planning are key elements to maintaining or improving your patients’ health. This program will enhance your clinical conversations and offer solutions for the remaining 300+ days of the year.

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Treating Teens Part I: Who, Why, What?

Presenter: Tracey Jacobs, BSDH, RDH

Treating teens can be fun, exciting, and sometimes challenging. Today’s teens have unique preferences specific to their generation. They typically have short attention spans and a need for instant gratification, which can affect the decisions they make regarding their health. Discussion will include current dietary trends, potentially life altering eating disorders, and specific oral health wants and needs of your teen patient.

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Your Patients’ Microbiome: What Every Dental Professional Needs to Know

Presenter: Uche Odiatu, D.M.D., CPT

Do your patients have the guts to douse the flames of inflammation? Our patient’s gut flora make very powerful anti-inflammatory agents when fed key nutrients. Learn what impacts gut integrity: antibiotics, jet lag, fast food, artificial sweeteners…………… and what we dental pros can do! The latest science from the National Institute of Health shows the microbiome impacts overall health as much as our genes. Attend this insightful session and enjoy a novel path to lower patients’ inflammatory burden.

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Comprehensive Health Prevention for Older Adults: Part I

Presenter: Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD

Attainment of optimal oral health and wellness is a challenging and dynamic process that occurs along the aging continuum. This webinar will present a new model for health prevention for older adults. Emphasizing safety considerations when managing older adults in the dental setting. Participants will learn preventive strategies to minimize risks that negatively impact oral and systemic health, including lifetime negative health habits, environmental hazards, medication management and elder abuse. As well as how to individualize preventive strategies to improve desired health outcomes for their elderly patients, including preventing infections, promoting positive health behaviors, preventing medical emergencies. The importance of informed consent and advocacy will be discussed.

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Comprehensive Health Prevention for Older Adults: Part II

Presenter: Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD

This course is a continuation of the Comprehensive Health Prevention for Older Adults program and will review common findings in the oral environment, including hypo-/hypersalivation, oral movement disorders, and hard and soft tissue diseases. Nutritional status, activities of daily living and oral hygiene will also be discussed. Participants will learn how to individualize preventive strategies to improve desired health outcomes for their elderly patients for reducing caries, gingival disease and altered salivation. Product selection criteria for antiseptic mouth rinses, fluorides, non-fluoride agents, salivary substitutes, power toothbrushing and interdental cleaning, and denture care will be reviewed.

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Is Your Diet Promoting or Preventing Inflammation?

Presenter: Karen Davis, RDH, BSDH

Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, Lectin-Free, Mediterranean…… which are the best diets for optimal health? What foods promote inflammation, and what foods dampen it? The science and the claims are confusing. This course will examine two components of the Western diet: Fructose & lectins. Many of the chronic inflammatory conditions patients present may be exacerbated or improved with dietary choices. Dental professionals can and should proactively engage in dietary recommendations. Spoiler alert! You won’t indulge in fructose consumption quite the same after attending this course!

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If You DON’T Snooze, You Lose: Uncovering Sleep Disordered Breathing

Presenter: Lee Somerville, RDH, MS

As co-therapists in multidisciplinary treatment, dental professionals have the opportunity to play a significant role in changing the path of an individual’s life. Routine screenings are a vitally important component to any comprehensive treatment plan. Optimal patient care has expanded to include screenings we have not considered in the past. Screening for Sleep Disordered Breathing is no exception. The dental professional is in role in changing the path of an individual’s life. Routine screenings are a vitally important component to any a position to provide many of these screenings. Emerging research on Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and the far-reaching health effects for an individual, underscores the need to elevate our knowledge and embrace the value of our role in early discovery. Sleep Disordered Breathing is a global issue that knows no boundaries, be it socioeconomics, gender, race or age. This course will assist in developing the fundamental knowledge for Sleep Disordered Breathing to confidently screen, discuss, refer and help manage the SDB patient(s).

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Enhancing patient relationships through Teledentistry

Presenter: Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, M.Ed.

While teledentistry has been around for over 20 years, it’s now gaining even more momentum in light of current events. This course provides a brief overview of teledentistry as an adjunctive method of delivering oral health care. Though it has been most commonly used as a response to access to care issues in shortage areas, its use to increase patient engagement and office efficiency will be examined in this course. Participants in this course will evaluate teledentistry’s potential for the dental practice and its benefits to patients. 

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